Torque Measurement, Control and Calibration

Transducer Displays

With its large LCD multicolour display, the PTD shows applied torque in digital and analogue bar form. It is designed to work with all AWS I-SERIES Torque Transducers.

Professional Transducer Display

AWS Professional Transducer Display
Professional Transducer Display with stand

The AWS LTD Professional Transducer Display (PTD), for powering and displaying the readings from AWS LTD Intelligent Torque Transducer ranges (I Series). The torque display features a bright, full colour LCD graphic display, showing the torque reading, both in large 6 digits, and analogue bar graph. It has internal rechargeable batteries for portable operation. Featuring Run, Peak and 1st Peak mode operation (selectable), unit and limits selection via front panel soft keys. When using the limits features, external yellow, red and green LEDs indicate whether torque values are low, high or acceptable, and the 6 digit reading changes colour. The torque display also indicates the battery level status. The RS232 output enables the Professional Transducer Display to be connected to a PC for direct input into ADMS Kepler 4 Torque Tool Calibration Software (sold separately).

An optional display stand (purchased separately) for bench or wall mounting is available. The PTD-H is a more rugged option for demanding environmental climates. The Professional Transducer Display covers our whole range of our I Series transducer sizes and displays torque in Nm, cNm, Lbf.Ft and Lbf.In.


The Professional Transducer Display features:

  • Communicates to any AWS LTD I Series Torque Transducer via CANBUS
  • Three modes of operation: Run (for Dial types), 1st Peak (for Click types) and Peak (for Cam types)
  • 6 digit reading display
  • Full scale bar graph
  • Optional limits: Low, Pass and High
  • Limit visualisation by LED indication and text colour change
  • Full colour LCD screen
  • Soft key operation
  • RS232 data output
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • On screen battery status indication
  • Handheld
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Optional bench/wall mount (purchased separately)
  • Fitted with a rugged MIL-C Female connector (MIL-DTL-26482)



The PTD covers our whole range of I Series torque transducer sizes and displays torque in Nm, cNm, Lbf.Ft and Lbf.In.
Model: PTD-
Mains power supply from 12V DC chargerInternal rechargeable batteriesInternal rechargeable batteries.
Heated display for use at sub-zero temperatures. Rated to IP 67.

To find out more download our pdf datasheet.

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Professional Transducer Display Stand.

PTD Stand

The AWS LTD Professional Transducer Display Stand (PTDS), which is used to mount the AWS LTD Professional Transducer Display (PTD and PTD-H) to a bench or wall in the lab/workshop.

The Professional Transducer Display (not included) can be removed from the stand at any time to be used independently in the lab or field.

12V DC Mains Charger.

This a 12V charger for use with a selection of our products. It will be fitted with a UK or EURO plug depending on requirements.

Model: 1021

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