Why Following Correct Torque Procedures is Critical

Torque tools play a key role in ensuring safety and quality in a variety of industries. But these torque tools can only provide this quality when the correct torque procedures are followed. Click on the case studies below to read about what can go wrong when torque procedures aren’t followed correctly in a variety of industries.

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Nissan Ariya Recalls

Industry: Automotive
  • Recalled 1,063 vehicles

In March 2023, Nissan issued a recall for just over 1,000 Ariya electric crossovers due to a loose screw used in the steering assembly.

The screw, which is used to hold the steering wheel to the steering column, was deemed to be either incorrectly torqued, or even worse completely missing altogether. This was estimated to impact less than 1% of recalled vehicles, but the severity of the consequences of the issue led to the voluntary safety recall. Drivers effected by the issue may have experienced excessive play or looseness with the steering wheel, resulting in a loss of control of the vehicle. Due to the danger this issue posed to Ariya drivers, Nissan recalled 1,063 units to complete the necessary work free of charge to the owners.