1.5kNm Supported Calibration Stand

1.5kNm Supported Calibration Stand with AWS torque tester

The AWS LTD 1.5kNm Supported Calibration Stand can be used in conjunction with beams and weights, to calibrate a wide variety of bench and wall mounted torque tool testers.

The supported shaft height is adjustable to accomodate various device drive heights. Bars with T-grooves facilitate the mounting of torque testers of varying sizes and mounting hole positions. The vertical pillar allows for the mounting of wall-mounted torque testers.

1.5kNm Supported Calibration Stand dimensions:

  • 1.5kNm Supported Calibration Stand:
    • Supported shaft centre height from ground: 1.39 to 1.48m (54.7 to 58.3 inches)
    • Depth: 0.72m (28.3 inches)
    • Height: 1.65m (65 inches)
    • Width: 0.4m (15.7 inches)
    • Supported square drive: 1 inch female square on beam side, 1 inch male drive on tester side

The photo above shows the AWS Professional Torque Tool Tester mounted onto the 1.5kNm Supported Calibration Stand

  • Pedestal:
    • Pedestal base size: 0.35 x 0.16m (13.8 x 6.3 inches)
    • Pedestal height: 1.21m (47.6 inches)

Depth, Width and Height can be altered if required within certain parameters.

There are two additional options for the 1.5kNm Supported Calibration Stand. See options below:

Inline Transducer Option

1.5kNm Supported Calibration Stand for Torque

The Inline Transducer option allows torque transducers to be calibrated using a square drive plate.

Inline Transducer Option dimensions:

  • Inline transducer option square drives: 1, ¾, ½, ⅜, ¼ inch

Acratork Option

Acratork Option for 1.5kNm Supported Calibration Stand

The Acratork option allows Acratork L2 and L3 wall mounted testers to be calibrated, along with other wall mounted testers with a large footprint.

Acratork option dimensions:

  • Acratork plate size: 0.4 x 0.4m (15.7 x 15.7 inches)
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SCS - 
30193019 - NPED3019 - PED3019 - IT3019 - ACR
Description:1.5kNm Supported Calibration Stand, including Pedestal
1.5kNm Supported Calibration Stand, no PedestalPedestal OnlyInline Transducer OptionAcratork Option

To find out more, view our configurations document.