Torque Measurement, Control and Calibration

Torque Tool Testers

Verification is an interim measure to test that the tool or instrument is performing as required at the time of use. It's useful for tools having continual and constant use at one setting (torque value), and allows the operator to know if the tool still functions correctly and within the required tolerance parameters.

Our range of torque tool testers allow for accurate and portable verifications up to 1,000Nm.

TProfessional Torque Tool Tester

The AWS Professional Torque Tool Tester is our premier bench mounted torque tester range for calibrating, testing and verifying hand torque tools like torque wrenches. The Professional Torque Tool Tester range of torque testers cover from 0.4Nm to 1000Nm. 

The AWS Professional Calibration Torque Unit is the AWS entry level bench mounted torque tester for production line or lower cost requirements for testing hand torque tools. The Professional Calibration Torque Unit range of torque testers cover from 0.4Nm to 1000Nm.

We produce a variety of torque tester ancilaries for use with our ranges of torque testers.