Torque Measurement, Control and Calibration


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GT Certification Ltd

Metrology & Quality Services Ltd

"We purchased a Torque Wrench Testing Machine designed by Advanced Witness Systems Ltd in 2018 and subsequently acquired UKAS approval to use the instrument for ISO 6789-2:2017 calibrations for a range of 0.15 N.m to 1500 N.m in 2019. We subsequently increased the range in 2020 to 2500 N.m with UKAS approval.

We have found the Testing Machine to meet all the stringent requirements placed on a calibration laboratory for this range of applied torque and the ISO specifications.

In addition to the Testing Machine, we use the Kepler 4 software for handling the data from the calibration methods for both ISO6789:2003 & ISO6789-2:2017. This was also designed and acquired from Advanced Witness Systems Ltd.

A specifically designed product for torque tool calibration, Kepler 4 handles and manipulates the data, also retaining the large amount of measurements required for ISO6789-2:2017.

We would recommend both these products without hesitation to any other laboratories who wish to carry out similar measurement requirements.

Should you have any questions in relation to this information, please do not hesitate to contact myself."

- Gary Thompson, GT Certification Ltd

"We at Metrology & Quality Services when looking for a torque measuring machine /system to satisfy the requirements of BS EN ISO 6789-2:2017 looked at the available options in the market place & concluded after demonstrations & extensive discussion that the system manufactured & sold by Advanced Witness Systems best suited our requirements.

We required a system that was reliable, easy to use for the operator; automatic as far as possible; satisfied UKAS requirements & with software that both satisfied the requirements of the standard & that we could work with the originators on to meet our specific requirements including calibration to the previous version of the standard .This was fully met by Advanced Witness Systems & with their total impartiality from a torque wrench manufacturing point of view was a massive bonus as the other systems in the market favour their own designs & have little regards of other makes!

The help & willingness to advise from the team at Advanced Witness Systems since the installation has proved to us that we certainly made the correct decision.

Should you wish to discuss our experiences further then do not hesitate to contact me."

- Graham Wilson, Metrology & Quality Services Ltd