Torque Measurement, Control and Calibration

Wireless Telemetry Load Display

Wireless Telemetry Load Display

The AWS LTD Wireless Telemetry Load Display allows users to perform advanced operations with load link and load cell readings for local monitoring. It can be configured to perform individual load link/ load cell measurements or in combinations to show such things as bow or stern load when lifting boats or as a total load measurement.

The Wireless Telemetry Load Display features:

  • Simple operator interface
  • Overload indication and alarm
  • User controlled backlight
  • Tare/ Zero/ Gross functions
  • Uses readily available Energizer L91 batteries
  • Long battery life: 50 days at 12 sessions of 5 minutes per day; 54 hours continuous
  • Operating temperature range of -10°C to +50°C


  • Range of 800m
  • Supports two modes of operation - 
    • Pre-configured list (Define a set of up to 24 telemetry modules, such as load links, load pins etc. and configure overload and under load values)
    • Summing groups (Add the value of two or more telemetry modules together)
  • Sealed to IP67 in a robust handheld enclosure
  • ATEX version available



To find out more download our pdf datasheet