Why Following Correct Torque Procedures is Critical

Torque tools play a key role in ensuring safety and quality in a variety of industries. But these torque tools can only provide this quality when the correct torque procedures are followed. Click on the case studies below to read about what can go wrong when torque procedures aren’t followed correctly in a variety of industries.

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Volkswagen Jetta Recalls

Industry: Automotive
  • Affected over 200,000 vehicles
  • Increased risk of fires in affected cars

Back in October 2020, 218,192 Volkswagen Jettas were recalled in the US, and 33,414 in Canada due to an incorrectly torqued engine fuel rail bolt. The defect, which effected 2016-2018 Volkswagen Jettas, would lead to the bolts working their way loose over time, which could lead to a fuel leak. An ignition source could’ve sparked a vehicle fire if in the presence of this fuel leak, posing a serious danger risk for all owners.

Owners were informed that if they could smell a fuel odour or could see fuel leaking from the engine compartment, then they should contact an authorised Volkswagen dealer immediately to make arrangements to have the vehicle checked over and repaired if necessary.

As a result of the defect, authorised Volkswagen dealers replaced the affected fuel rail bolts on all recalled units and replaced the fuel rail if deemed necessary.

All work conducted was done free of charge to the vehicle owner.