Torque Measurement, Control and Calibration

2Nm Unsupported Calibration Wheel

The AWS LTD 2Nm Unsupported Calibration Wheel is designed for calibration of torque measuring devices from 0.04Nm - 2 Nm using the principle of weights/beams at a known distance.

The precision method wheel includes a precision drive machined into the boss to fit a wide range of devices to be calibrated. The boss is easily interchangeable if an alternative drive size is required.

The calibration wheel uses kg and g masses. Precision weight pans and counterweight set; cables; suspension hooks and a robust carry case are included. A UKAS calibration is available on request.

The 2Nm Unsupported Calibration Wheel Features:

  • Uncertainty of measurement better than 0.045% of reading.
  • Both Female 1/4" Square and 1/4" Hex drive as standard for calibration of a wide range of torque measuring devices.
  • Designed to be used with kg and g weights
  • Easily interchangeable boss for alternative drive sizes
  • Precision masses available.


  • Overall Diameter: 104mm
  • Thickness: 10mm across boss
  • Length of Suspension Filament: approximately 400mm per side



To find out more download our pdf datasheet.

Weights Set for 2Nm Unsupported Calibration Wheel

AWS can provide a set of 15 precision brass weights for calibration up to 2Nm. A calibration certificate is included and the weights are supplied in a robust carry case.

Additionally, a UKAS calibration is available on request.

The Weight Set features:

  • Metric kg and g weights.
  • M1 Tolerance weights set as standard.
  • Other Tolerances available on request.
  • Robust carry case included.
  • UKAS calibration available on request.



To find out more download our pdf datasheet.