Torque Measurement, Control and Calibration


Our software arm, Advanced Data & Measurement Series, designs and produces torque related software. ADMS Kepler 4 software is our most comprehensive torque tool calibration software on the market today.

This is the NEW ADMS software, Kepler 4, the combined program for the calibration and certification of torque wrenches to BS EN ISO 6789:2017, or your own in-house standards, and for keeping track of each individual wrench. Available in 3 versions:
Conformity, Calibration, or Combined.

This is the ADMS software for Calibrating all types of Torque Transducers. You can input mV or Indicated Torque readings straight from a display, and the software will determine the classification of the Transducer, along with the overall uncertainty, repeatability and reproducibility of calibration (Based on BS 7882). Coming 2021. 

Kepler Gas

This is the ADMS software, Kepler Gas, designed for production line quality control, performance verification, logging, and tracking the torque fitment of valves in gas bottles.

This is the ADMS software series, Kepler, designed for Pre and/or Post Production/Workshop check, of Torque Tools. This software has been replaced by Kepler 4