Kepler Gas

This is the ADMS software, Kepler Gas, designed for production line quality control, performance verification, logging, and tracking the torque fitment of valves in gas bottles.

The Kepler Gas Features:

  • All certificate print details recorded. Enables exact facsimile reproduction.
  • Archiving and Recovery for efficient database usage
  • Auto or manual certificate numbering
  • Auto print option to print reports of readings as soon as they are completed
  • Bespoke templates easily created for your certificates, reports and labels
  • Cloning facility speeds multiple item data entry
  • Colour configuration
  • Data input directly from our AWS LTD TC6LRMC Valve torqueing machines via COM port and/or PC Keyboard
  • Full tracking of valve tightening performance
  • Graphical interface for ease of use and speed of operation. All key functions accessed by icons and labelled buttons.
  • Import and Export readings for efficient database usage
  • Links cylinders/machine to location, job. Prints tested labels to affix to gas bottle. Warns of out of tolerance problems. Print and export results to databases for analysis and trends.
  • Multiple operator accounts (With password protection)
  • Option for bar code direct entry
  • Select different printers for readings, labels, and reports/certificates.
  • Shows torque out of limits for selected cylinder
  • Standalone print programme with pre-loaded templates for certificates and labels. Can be sent electronically to customers in p.d.f format
  • Track cylinder valve tightening history by type, cylinder serial number, date
  • Translations-Screens and print out can be converted to the language of your choice
  • User generated database for cylinder types and torque required
  • User generated standards allowable