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Torque Measurement, Control and Calibration

Torque Wrench Calibration Machine

The all new AWS Torque Wrench Calibration Machine (TWCM) provides an efficient means of calibrating and testing manually operated torque wrenches to international or company specific standards and specifications.

The TWCM is available in two versions; both apply the force to the tool via a linear carriage stepper motor and an AWS microcontroller. An important feature is the minimization of parasitic forces applied to the torque wrench handle. Both machines can be used with our new AWS/ ADMS Kepler 4 software to speed up completion of the calibration & certification process to ISO 6789:2017, ISO 6789:2003 or type approval for manufacturers.

  • The manual TWCM, using its push buttons, controls the force on the tool. It relies on the operator to detect the target torque and stop the machine.

Spring Balancers

Shared Features:

  • Designed to calibrate/test wrenches up to 2,500 Nm and equivalents.
  • Removes the need for operators to apply high loads on large torque wrenches. Force is applied using a stepper motor and linear track system. 
  • Hand controls for fast movement or jog facilitate quick setting up of individual wrenches in the machine.
  • Inbuilt microcontroller for accurate control of load applied and operation speeds. Four different speed settings for different ranges of tools. The microcontroller also ensures the adherence to the minimum target torque approach times, according to the ISO standard, for the capacity of wrench being calibrated.
  • Multiple safety features ensure that the machine, transducers and torque wrench are not overloaded in operation or over driven due to a wrench fault.
  • Parasitic forces acting on the wrench during calibration are greatly reduced by design feature and using spring balancer systems to counterbalance the weight of a torque wrench handle.
  • Multiple or single transducer cassette variations for different transducer manufacturers are available or built to suit customer requirements.
  • To accommodate wrenches with fixed heads the transducer mounts in our carraiges can be rotated 360 ° in steps of 30°.
  • Used in collaboration with the AWS/ADMS Kepler 4 software for torque wrenches speeds up completion of the calibration & certification process to ISO 6789:2017.




Automated Features: 

  • A Customer’s existing transducers can be converted into IITTs using AWS’s Intelligent Instrumented Transducer Cables. Each cable has a PCB which converts the analogue output of the transducer into a digital torque signal for display on the PTD.
  • When an AWS IITT is connected; the AWS PTD is automatically set to the correct range, further reducing the set up time when changing transducers.
  • The AWS PTD operates in First Peak for click wrenches, Peak for dial wrenches, or in live, continuous reading mode.

Dimensions for mounting on benches/ tables:

  • Approximately 207cm L by 90cm W by 68cm H.
  • Please note this is dependent on the transducer cassette installed.
  • Footprint is approximately 110cm L by 60cm W.